Openframeworks and Engineering

as mentioned on its website,

"openFrameworks is an open source toolkit to assist the creative process".

But it is more than that, it is a gate for the artists to be able to move more easily in the digital world. And it is also a gate for the engineers to use more aesthetics aids for representing their ideas, as well as for visualizing in a more easy way complex problems.


There are very powerful libraries contained in this framework such as OpenCV for image processing and recognition; OpenGL, GLEW and GLUT for graphics; And many other for video and sound processing. This framework is based on the language C++ which is object oriented. And despite the thoughts that programming an audio-visual application or aid with C++ might be very difficult for person not related to software engineering, this kit comes with a basic structure that makes very intuitive and straight-forward to implement a project. The installation is also very easy and comes with different installers for cross-platform, so the designer/programmer can implement projects for Windows, Linux, Android and Mac.

I invite the readers to have a look at its website and try out a couple of examples ready to compile. Allow yourself to express artistically, or only implement some audio-visual idea with the help of this terrific tool.